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The total number of players that frequent a world. This can be taken from current subscription numbers for paid worlds or guestimated for free ones. It is a measurement of the total popularity of the world.

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Women in Game Development
It would seem that the days of male-centred playerbases are now officially over. As this succinct article shows, the female playerbase is no-longer so niche as it once was.

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Coping with change
A guide for virtual environment administrators in dealing with playerbase issues with changes made to the world. Ideal for new and small worlds alike.

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Simulation versus Shoot-em-up
An older article this, from the MUDding community, arguing pro role-play over a kill anything that moves slugfest. More specifically it takes a reasoned look at how you can encourage one over the other, in your playerbase.

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Captive Audience
A look at retaining playerbase. Eventually it will desert you, be it gameworld, commerce world, social environment. Sooner or later you will start to look dated and they will leave. This article therefore, is all about 'damage limitation' rather than 'cure'.

World Review: Hrielith
World Review: Hrielith welcome screen
A text-based world, attempting great innovation. Role-Play enforced, it has a welcoming atmostphere, but lacks a diverse playerbase. Rapidly expanding.

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Anachronisms, Part I: Gender Games
Throughout history, women have been oppressed, or devalued. Always, it's been men who rule the roost, and women toiling under their leash. Historical recreation is all very well, but be careful just how faithfully you recreate, or you may find yourself without a playerbase.

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The Sims Online Evolution: A Case Study
The team behind The Sims Online reflect on their world's launch, and all the issues they encountered in their first few months. Looking at how they could grow the possibilities without losing existing players, playerbase desires against actual content, and other such issues this is a very good reafd indeed.


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EVE Online is going through some playerbase shake ups. Their largest player-run corporation, a business involving nearly ten thousand players, has crumbled.

The chief executive of the world's biggest corporation gets a phone...

A lawsuit filed in May of 2006 by Pennsylvania attorney Marc Bragg in which he accused Linden Lab and its CEO Philip Rosedale of wrongfully seizing his virtual land and unilaterally shutting down his Second Life account will be resolved in ...