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Post-WIMP interface

WIMP - Windows Icons, Menus, Pointers - is the primary user interface of the modern world. It is based around the concept of a computer user, sitting in a chair, staring at a computer screen.

WIMP has been with us for decades, this fundamental concept remaining largely unchanging. It is not the most efficient interface by any means, but it is simple and elegant to set up.

The post-WIMP interface is thereby, the interface that will replace WIMP. That this interface will be virtual, or augmented reality based, is obvious. The form such will take, is not.

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Post-WIMP interface


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3DNA is a product that attempts to redefine the old WIMP paradigm (Windows Icons Menus Pointers) characteristic of modern two-dimensional computer interfaces, by placing it within a true 3D setting.

World Review: 3DNA
World Review: 3DNA welcome screen
3DNA is a product that attempts to redefine the old WIMP paradigm (Windows Icons Menus Pointers) characteristic of modern two-dimensional computer interfaces, by placing it within a true 3D setting.
Rating 62.5
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The Human Brain has a Network Backbone
An unexpected discovery of a hierarchical networking scaffold inside the human brain itself, has interesting implications for future neuroprosthetics. Rather than having to interface with the grey matter right where computations are being done, we may in fact only have to interface with the white matter 'between departments' as it were, to achieve the same interface effect.

This book is basically a combined encyclopaedia of design from four HCI experts, on how to design three dimensional user interfaces, where the depth axis is suddenly critically important. They build on existing 2D paradigms, but recognise that some ? like WIMP ? are almost totally destabilised by the third axis.

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Smart Fabrics ? Wear your Augmented Interface
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Woven cicuitry turns your clothing into the interface for your life. Just add your phone or ipod, and let that program your clothes for you.

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VR Interfaces: Inupathy - Neural Interface Dog Mood collar
The Inupathy collar is an empathic collar, a brain machine interface for your dog, that visually transmits your dogs emotions in real-time, by reading the dog's heartbeat as a biometric marker for the emotional turmoil going on inside. It learns and adapts to the dog, and offers an insight into your best friend's thought process, to bolster the ones you already have. It's a brain machine interface for the heart.

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Houseplants as Interface Devices
Disney Research has come up with a truly novel type of interface device a way to turn any house plant into a programmable haptic controller, by taking advantage of the capacitive capability of plants.

This book was originally produced in 1962, heralding Arthur?s predictions of the future of mankind, from a technological standpoint, across all sectors of industry and life. The updated version has a chapter dedicated to VR, robotics, and the post human world.

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Do in WoW as You would in RL
A couple of days ago, Blizzard, the parent company to World of Warcraft, stunned many people with a privacy-related announcement. They were making changes to the forums, and from an unspecified date in the near future, they will require all forum posters to have their real first and last names, together with all character names, on display on every post they make.


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Computer mice have long been the staple of computer intercaces, they're simple, easy to use, and the key to the WIMP interface of Windows and the Mac.

Now, there's a new input device which may rival the mouse for dominance...

In early April, Adam Wilson posted a status update on the social networking Web site Twitter -- just by thinking about it.

Just 23 characters long, his message, "using EEG to send tweet," demonstrates a natural, manageable ...

Miniature horse Belle, has a titanium post in her left hind leg to replace the missing hoof and 20 per cent of her leg that had to be amputated after an attack by a mink or racoon eight months ago cut off circulation in her leg.

DEK International, a provider of equipment and processes for high accuracy mass imaging of electronic materials, has won a Global Technology Award for an interface which utilises VR techniques to display complex machine and process data for...

in the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is experimenting with sending personal test results via SMS message rather than through the post.

NHS Hounslow is leading the study, with at-home chlamydia tests for teenagers to m...