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Power Clique

A power clique is basically best described as a group of users or players that has been around for awhile, and has formed a clique of its own. They become a problem if there are signs they are stagnating a gameworld, effectively creating a power ceiling that newer players cannot break through.

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Power Clique


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The March for Processing Power
Power. Everyone is after it in one form or another. Power over others, power for bragging rights, authority and control. There is also another form of power, the power to create, to computate. This too is a source of bragging, or lording it up over others, demonstrating algorithms, and creating ever more complex simulation.

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The Power of the Written Word
In a text environment, words are what carry the weight of all communication. There is no other way to express feelings and emotions. While the written word often has power, in an environment where it is the only means of communication, it has that much more power to it.

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Podcast: John La Grou plugs smart power outlets
This podcast comes from TED 2009, where electronics inventor John La Grou shows off the capabilities of a sensor web of smart power outlets in every home, where the outlet knows what is plugged into it, and how much power the device is consuming, and when it consumes it.

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Google PowerMeter as a Sensor Web
Smart meters are all the rage in North America, where they are hooked to the building's power supply, next to the fuse box, ans they keep a live check on how much power the house is consuming, with statistical reporting available for energy consumption over time.

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Flexible Power for Prosthetics
Providing power for prosthetic devices has always been somewhat of a tricky endeavour, frought with compromises. Battery packs are heavy, cumbersome and heat up quite significantly. They have to be carefully placed, to avoid upsetting balance, and the weight offset by stripping out material elsewhere.

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A Downside of Gesture-Control: Perceptual Power of Gestures Used by Others
A potential concern has been found in the psychological implications of gesture control interfaces. When we design such things we must be aware of a power some gestures have, to alter the perceptions and memories of those who witness them.

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Damaging Education with Virtual Environments: BarbieGirls
BarbieGirls is quite possibly a very sick and twisted virtual world. It is ironically making use of the power of the interactive medium which comprises virtual reality. It has great power to educate and inform, to engage the participant, with positive feedback and reinforcement.

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Potential Power Source for Implants and Health Concern
Ongoing research into potential piezoelectric power sources for smart prosthetics turned up a powerful - and deadly - candidate in a polymer that is already used for many cosmetic implants. silicon polymer is a fantastic source of energy when squeezed. However, it also damages the organic cells around it each time this occurs.


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It sounds so simple doesn't it? Broadband downv the power line. Its been with us for years, never taken off. Now, a new trial is set to connect New York.

EarthLink is banking success as it prepares to test a new broadband se...

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PhD candidate Weixiao Huang has invented a new transistor that uses gallium nitride (GaN).

The new GaN transistor could reduce the power consumption and improve the efficiency of power electro...