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A good VR system gives the participent a sense of presence - of actually being there.

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Being-here, now...
"Virtual presence is indistinguishable from real presence." A look into the future of the neuralprosthetic and what utilising such will eventually mean for our definition of 'virtual' and 'real'.

Adult VR worlds do not have to mean cybersex. Sometimes they are mature environments to wander and talk to others within, free from the presence of children.

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Book Quotes: Form Without Presence
A look at a simple yet profound quote of Arthur C Clarke's on connecting a remote waldo to your body such that you would not know the difference, and our thoughts on just how that would be accomplished practically.

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Visibility: Advertising Your MUSH
This short, but informative article looks at the various low cost, or free methods for successfully advertising the presence of your virtual world.

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Promoting Your Mud Part II
A common-sense guide , on how to market any small virtual environment, without having to spend a big budget to do so. Takes off where the first part left off, once the web presence is complete, and inroads are being made.

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Podcast: Presence: Being Alive on the Network
This podcast comes from the second PICNIC conference in Amsterdam in 2007. It deals with display technology. New technologies in display and interaction to improve nominally passive VR experiences - cinema.

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ACQUINE and Virtual Identity
In a handful of the more pioneering virtual environments, a system called FaceGen, along with other, similar systems, allows a user to photograph their face from front and side, and use that to put together a 3D model of their physical head, if they so desire, to use for the basis of their avatar presence online. Other technologies are just coming into use, that allow adjustments, based on attractiveness, of that face.

World Review: Habbo Hotel
World Review: Habbo Hotel welcome screen
Habbo Hotel consists of three world-hotels, each slightly different, and dedicated to a different nationality: US, UK, and Canada. Sulake Inc. state on the each of the three websites, they are pledged to ?provide a safe, moderated environment?. Unfortunately, during the three-week course of this review, no evidence of moderator presence was found.
Rating 37.5
Special Client Required

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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Virtual Sexual Stimulation: Part 2
Part two of a two-part series taking a look at virtual sex devices as portrayed in the 2007 French film Chrysalis, and comparing them to what we know of real-world counterparts. This part takes a look at the more sophisticated full sensory immersion devices, and how increased sensory presence may actually greatly reduce the risks exposed in part one.

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The Uncanny Valley: Effect of Realism on the Impression of Artificial Human Faces
A MIT Presence magazine free feature. Roboticists believe that people will have an unpleasant impression of a humanoid robot that has an almost, but not perfectly, realistic human appearance. This is called the uncanny valley, and is not limited to robots, but is also applicable to any type of human-like object, such as dolls, masks, facial caricatures, avatars in virtual reality, and characters in computer graphics movies.


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GE Global Research, the technology development arm for the General Electric, today announced a $2 million award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to develop wearable RFID sensors to alert people to the presence of...

Since the 1970s, researchers have been trying to develop a speech-based human-machine interface, but improvements are gradual, and some fear that the performance of current systems may not reach an adequate level for human interactions.

With the help of the RP-7 Remote Presence Robot, Dr. Alex Gandsas, an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, guided surgeons in Argentina through a laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure for the tr...

Game Development Studio 2K Australia (creator of BioShock) provided A$7,000 cash plus a trip to their studio in Canberra for anyone who could create a bot to pass a "Turing Test for Bots."

The competition was run at the IEE...

Japanese researchers Sunday unveiled a robot that can mimic speech and gestures sent to it by video-phone, replicating a distant caller's presence.

Dubbed the Telenoid R1, the robot will allow "people to feel as if an acqua...