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Projected Consciousness

In VR, projected consciousness is the term to describe the mind being in one world whilst the body remains in another. In other words, the physical body remains in the physical world, and the mind is sensorially immersed in the virtual, to the point it might as well really be there.

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Geminoid H1: The Android
In 2006, Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Osaka University, Japan, developed Geminoid H1, the first actroid android, or as the comic and film have pressed into the public consciousness, the first surrogate.

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VR Interfaces: The Heliodisplay
Remember StarWars? That iconic moment when the hologram of Princess Leia is projected from R2 D2? Heliodisplay is that technology made real. It is literally, the production of holograms that hover in thin air.

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VR Interfaces: Fogscreen
Fogscreen is a holoprojection method that utilises a layer of artificially fogged air as a display screen for projected content. It in effect, creates a cascading curtain of wet air that can be walked through whilst displaying moving, bright, images.

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Bye Bye Blue Screen, Hello Virtual Reality
In September 2003, the BBC announced that it had finally found a new technology to replace the age old 'blue screen' - a virtual environment, projected straight on to the studio wall.

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June 11 - 14, 2009
Hong Kong, China

Researchers and scholars throughout the sciences, humanities and arts are invited to the 15th international interdisciplinary scientific conference on consciousness.


May 3-7, 2011
Aula Magna Hall, Stockholm University, Stockholm Sweden

The nature of consciousness is the most interesting and important question we face. Consciousness is awareness, subjective experience of internal an...

July 7th, 2012
Cambridge, UK

The First Annual Francis Crick Memorial Conference, focusing on "Consciousness in Humans and Non-Human Animals", aims to provide a purely data-driven perspective on the neural correlates ...

The Heliodisplay prototype, invented by a 29 year old graduate student, allows images to be projected into mid-air, and viewed from multiple areas.

This technology will eventually allow for interactive, walk-through, projected environment...

In engineering terms, it is easy to see qualitative similarities between the human brain and the internet's complex network of nodes, as they both hold, process, recall and transmit information. "The internet behaves a fair bit like a min...