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Push Page

Push Pages are the simplest method of two people sharing an experience. It refers to when one person pushes or forces a web page or 3D location on another person, enforcing their view of that sight.

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Push Page


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Blogged Out: Snow Crash Mountain
A look at the growing push towards the metaverse, from a game development perspective, and at how social virtual worlds have to break away from the 'skills and levelling paradigm'.

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Haptics Theories Upturned: Pressure Independent of Velocity
It has been a staple of our understanding of the processes behind human dexterity for decades, that the faster you push at something, the more force you exert. Now, it seems that is not actually accurate.

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GPS Tracker To Keep Pupils Safe
After the events at Virginia Tech University in the US, in April, a major push at using wearable technologies and sensor webs to improve student safety has been underway.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: World Record: Exceeding the Avatar
An interesting, fiction-inspired look at how it is technically possible to push a full sensory surround avatar body to limits never conceivable in the human bodies it was designed to replicate.

One of the severe problems with haptic input devices (other than the very, very basic type that jack directly into the nervous system) is that the mechanics of hand-held systems only bend or push so far, then they hit engineered limits and the feeling dissipates.

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Unicorns: Dee's Unicorn Thumbnails
A links page to dozens of unicorn sites.

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An Atlas of Cyberspace: Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs) & Virtual Worlds
This page is basically a collection of links with examples, of the various methods used by different worlds to map themselves.

This is very much, through and through, a sceptic and downcryer?s book. A 180 page tome of essays that often argue utterly against the use of virtual environments for any purpose whatsoever, and decries them as a force of change.

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Mermaids: The History of
A well-rounded, and comprehensive multi-page document on mermaids through the ages, their history, and adaptions. Overall, a very good paper.

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CAVE usage in Research spreads to Microbiology
A CAVE-type installation has been installed in India, for use by the mircobiology research and technology centre IMTECH. Virtalis, the manufacturer of the specific CAVE-variant technology used; the ActiveWall system, have been extremely keen to promote this major VR installation. Great news as it is for them, it is of course even better news for the increasing push to see highly immersive VR interfaces made increasingly pervasive in higher learning.


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Forcing Google to delete user data after six months could dent its ability to predict pandemics such as swine flu, said the search giant's co-founder.

Larry Page said he thought more debate was needed around the issue of sto...

(Press Release) Lyon, France - December 18th 2006 - PathEngine announces release 5.06.00 of the PathEngine pathfinding and agent movement SDK. This release adds support for 'tile by tile' construction of individual meshes for PathEngine'...

For the first time, the Oct. 24 episode of the popular television show "CSI:NY" will direct viewers to Second Life, where they can play the roll of an investigator, according to details released this week at the Virtual Worlds Conference ...

Startup chipmaker Quantenna Communications says that it can push 1Gbps over regular WiFi without defying the laws of physics.

The company's initial goal is to cover houses with a combination of high bandwidth and mesh networ...

A mobile media company by the name of Dwango has agreed to run a mobile version of Ultima Online for Electronic Arts. Despite interface changes, the game's concept remains the same: players journey through the world of Britannia, and can h...