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Real-Time Rendering

Real-time rendering is a subset of rendering that is devoted to churning out whole-scene renders at between 20 and 120 updates per second, on a common household computer system. This type of scene rendering is not about the highest scientific accuracy possible, so much as it is about smoke, mirrors, and fooling the perception centres for a fraction of a second, that the scene is real.

As technology advances, real-time rendering produces ever larger and more realistic effects. However, it will always lag behind the capabilities of non real-time rendering.

See Also: Rendering, Non Real-Time Rendering

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A required reading book on real-time scene rendering that has been around for years, this book serves as a holistic, platform-independent guide for creating high frame rate renders that are as realistic as possible for the hardware available ? and teaches you where the bottlenecks are in the process so that you learn how to gauge new hardware from spec and understand how it will directly impact performance.

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Volumetric Rendering in Realtime
A brief but thorough multi-part article from Gamasutra, on creating volumetric rendering in real-time, for use in fog, fluid, and other effects, which correctly affect light at any point through them.

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Knick Knack
Made in 1989, Knick Knack was a three minute short CG animation by Pixar Studios, featuring what was then the cutting edge of rendering capability, way beyond what real-time renders were capable of. To put it in perspective, this was just six years before Toy Story was released.

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AR Development > ARToolKit
ARToolkit (literally Augmented Reality Toolkit) is a library of visual interpretation functions, designed for use with C. It is capable of deciphering a video stream with machine vision, rendering 3D objects, adding them to the scene and outputting the new stream, all in real-time.

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Real-Time Feedback System for Skiers Opens Possibilities
The vLink Computer System approach to skiing is rather novel. It's a data collection sensor set that clips to the front of a pair of skis, and in real-time, monitor in real-time forward speed and lateral displacement data of the skis as the skier proceeds down a mountain.

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Creating Polygonal Shapes through a Merger with Topology
By merging the traditionally distinct fields of topology and geometry, through the discovery of a new type of mathematics called persistent homology, math researchers have created a set of equations which simply describe the pattern and placement of complex fractals as part of a polygonal model - such as the unique froth on a wave, within the reach of real-time rendering

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AR Development > NyARToolKit
NyARToolKit is a complete port of ARToolkit that was written exclusively in Java. This makes it slower in execution than the original, but completely architecture independent. Like the original, NyARToolKit is a library of functions visual interpretation and integration of VR data into physical environments, including real-time camera vision functionality, 3D rendering of virtual objects, and integrating both into the output stream.


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(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, has announced the release of LightWorks 8.1 which provides LightWorks customers with yet more enhanced rendering fun...

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new rendering solution: LightWorks Studio Edition, or 'SE'.

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, will be participating in the 18th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering in Grenoble.

Neil Gatenby - Se...

(Press Release) LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of 3D software,
has released a LightWorks solution designed specifically to meet the demands of the Configuration market place.


Montr?al, Canada
May 28 to May 30, 2007
Marriott Ch?teau Champlain Montr?al hotel.

GI 2007 will be the 33rd Graphics Interface conference; it is the oldest continuously-scheduled conference in the field. GI cons...