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Reflection Pass

A reflection pass is one possible layer of a multi-layered render pass. It is a specialised pass, intended to heighten an earlier pass, and so is never the first pass of the sequence.

It deals, as the name implies, with the lighting reflections of the objects. Depending on how computationally intensive it is, it may be used instead of a highlight pass, or before it on the queue (to generate data that makes the highlight pass faster). The reflection pass uses either raycasting, or raytracing of the light sources to determine where the light rays pass in the scene, and so where the reflections will travel.

As both processes are extremely processor-intensive, at this time neither is used for real-time rendering, as it is simply not feasible in the time allowed between real-time frames. A full raycast (the fastest method) may take several minutes, whereas real-time demands thirty renders a second or more. Thus a reflection pass is not a consideration for real-time VR for the foreseeable future.

See Also: Raycasting, Raytracing, Frame Rate, Render Pass, Beauty Pass, Specular Pass, Shadow Pass, Depth Pass, Lighting Pass, Depth Pass, LOD

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