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A room is a small space, not necessarilly defined by visible walls, but defined by walls never the less. It can be any area interior or exterior, which displays a part of the world. Users, objects, NPCs and mobiles can be found in rooms, and rooms tend to have hyperlinks or hotspots connecting them to other rooms which make up other parts of the world.

A room is frequently a way of using minimal memory for a world, by only loading for the user, the part they are in at the time.

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The Virtual Clean Room
Purdue University, in Indiana, US, decided to create a clean room to train students on vial procedures sterilizing implanted equipment. They could not build their own clean room, not and be able to keep it to the same standards of cleanliness. So, they created a virtual replica clean room.

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3D RoboVision
A team working at Brown University, believe they have made a breakthrough in robotic vision systems: A robot that follows a person from room to room to room, tracking them regardless of lighting conditions, crowds milling between the user and the robot, temporary obstructions or anything.

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Building Blocks: Details
Details, points of interest within a room. This resource details the all-important, and oft overlooked process of creating objects with sub-descriptions within a room, so as to allow the players to explore and interact with the room in a common sense way.

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Building Blocks: Rooms
This article looks at the basic locational structure of many worlds - the humble room. Orientated towards textual worlds, it looks at what should, and should not go in a room, to make it a readilly understandable entity.

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$250,000 Ambulance
Better help is on the way for the 30-odd million people who call on EMS every year. Shrinking electronics, wireless proliferation and ?smart? materials from the likes of NASA are set to transform the ambulance into a virtually mobile emergency room.

The pulse is a pen, a biro which is held and written with like any other. However, unlike most, it digitally records every pen stroke, and picks up the audio in the room at the same time, linking the two together and storing them on an internal 1GB or 2GB flash memory system.

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When a Biochip Lab is not enough: Massively parallel Biochip Labs
Biochip laboratories are a long way from standard equipment in every doctor's office, of course. The technology has left the lab, but only just. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. After all, what do you do when testing hundreds of samples all at once, is just not enough? Why you increase the throughput!

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Minimal Information
It is well known that ActiveWorlds as a company, have never really gotten a firm grasp on good marketing strategies in the decade plus they have been in existence. Still, as this room is set-up along with a dozen others as the first things newcomers to the platform get to explore, there is an immediate and glaring problem, showcased by the avatar in this picture.

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Room Lighting as Network Access
A new method of creating wireless networks without interfering with sensitive equipment, including medical equipment, is to make use of the rapid on/off capabilities of LEDs in normal modern LED lightbulbs. 800mb/s is the current limit, and that is only in the prototype.

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The Brain Knows What the Nose Smells, but How?
The sense of smell is a strange one, and its ties with memory even stranger. How does a single sniff of a scent alert even the tiniest animal immediately to which predator is nearby? How does a human know with a single whiff of an ardour, precisely what to expect when they walk into the next room?


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Cameras and motion sensors that track the way people move are giving new insights into mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), say Psychiatrist William Perry and colleagues at...

HZB scientists observe how a material at room temperature exhibits a unique property -- a ā€˛multiferroic" material with potential uses for cheap and quick data storage. Researchers at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in close collaboration ...

Japanese robot manufacturer Tmsuk, together with Kyushu University and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology have created a 132 lb robot that merrily winds its way round a building and grounds, sampling the air quality in every room it passe...

A US $6-million virtual reality 'immersive room' is opening the door to new ways to treat phobias and other disorders.

St?phane Bouchard is a psychologist with drive. He is Canada's Research Chair in Clinical Cyberpsycholo...

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Consisting of two rooms, the first room will boast a five metre wide screen, flanked by two smaller three metre wide screens. The rear projected stereo system will enable three channel passive ...