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SVS or synthetic vision system is a type of training tool used in military and civil aviation training. It is also starting to make inroads in other kinds of vehicular training system.

SVS makes use of comprehensive terrain, cloud cover, lighting, obstacle and traffic information to paint a realistic picture outside the cockpit windows of an aeronautics simulator aircraft, or other closed in vehicular simulator system.

SVS makes use of one or two sensors to keep a check on the status of the vehicle relative to the environment: a downwards looking sensor to keep a check on the status of terrain/obstacles/traffic below the aircraft, and a forwards looking sensor to detect imminent collisions to the front of the vehicle.

In SVS, collisions by other vehicles to the training vehicle are entirely discounted, unless they occur due to actions by the trainees. This is because the sole purpose of SVS is to help train the operators on control of their vehicle, not distract them with mistakes of others.

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