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Satellite-Based Augmentation System

Satellite-Based Augmentation System, or SBAS refers to any system designed to enhance the performance of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) by providing signal offset correction information.

Three SBAS are currently in operation:

North America's Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS),
Europe's European Global Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS)
Asia's Multi-transportation Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS).


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Satellite-Based Augmentation System



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Local Area Augmentation Systems
A Local area Augmentation System is used to augment Global Positioning Systems when fine, precise detail is required. They could actually solve a lot more sensor web issues than just the use in aeronautics they have today.

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World Review: 3DEE welcome screen
3DEE is a social worlds system based on the ActiveWorlds codebase. Like all systems based on this code, it looks and feels a bit dated, although this one has its own unique wrinkles to help take care of that. Based in Amsterdam, 3DEE?s primary language is Dutch, and the universe?s eight entrance worlds are loosely based around that theme.
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To increase transmission speed (decreasing transmission delay) beyond that of low earth orbit, a different paradigm is required. A type of satellite which can survive in high atmosphere.

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Level vs Non-Level
For gameworlds, this one. A comparison of the relative benefits of level based experience systems, with a level less system based on individual skill.

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VR Interfaces: HOPSCOTCH
The Hopscotch system is based very much on the childhood game of the same name. A combination of that, the design of the keypad from a modern mobile phone, and the link between physical exercise and learning is what makes HOPSCOTCH the physical-based teaching aid it is.

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Analysing Typhoons for Future Use
NASA has unveiled a weather satellite capable of converting any typhoon into a 3D volumetric map in unprecedented detail, in real-time. These maps being extremely useful for both dedicated weather simulators and interactive 3D environments alike.

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Swapping Data Across Devices with a Gesture
The stuff of numerous sci-fi films the concept of with no more than a gesture, moving data wholesale from one computer to the next, has been made real, with a device not only functional in the lab, but already on its way to mass market commercial use, integrated in satellite and cable TV units.

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Augmenting Medical Records: OpenMRS
OpenMRS, or The Open Medical Record System, is a free, open-source attempt at creating a distributed electronic patient records system. It is web based, written in Java, and is under active development.

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MyGlucoHealth - And the Lessons For Augmented Reality, Integrated Health Management
The MyGlucoHealth system is the brainchild of US firm Entra Health Systems. Based out of San Diego, California, Entra Health have been pursuing a logical extension of telehealth: creating a single robust system that can be used under standard clinical practices, and telehealth, and by the patient, interchangeably.


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