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Sensor Web

A sensor web is a network of sensors, of the same or different kinds, scattered over an area of anything in size ranging from a network over a single human brain, to a network of billions of sensors across a planet.

These sensors are each self-sufficient or derive power from local sources, but share their information with one another and multiple computer systems. In many ways they function like a physical internet, and are one of the main building blocks of an Internet of Things.

See Also: Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, ECoG, Telepresence, Smart Appliances, Domotics, Mixed Reality, Geolocation, Ambient Intelligence, Everyware, Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Computing, Infosphere, Participatory Panopticon, Technological Nomad, Telematics, Wearable Computing

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A Sensor Web Built from Every Screw?
Imagine a world where every bolt that holds together the frame of the building you are in, holds together the car you drive, the planes in the air, and heavy machinery all around, is also a sensor. A vibration sensor, torque sensor, continually reporting on the stresses and strains on the structure in real-time. This is what German engineers have been working on for a number of years, and such screws and bolts are what they have now succeeded in making.

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Sensor Webs Monitoring Microclimates
How do you set up a sensor web in a forest? Solar power is useless thanks to the canopy. Wildlife will get tangled up in the cables, as will people trying to manage the forest. Units need to be monitored for damage requiring dedicated staff on-site. If only we could fix all these problems, we could use sensor webs in remote areas... What's that? They're all fixed, you say?

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Wireless Sensor Detects Status of Window
German researchers have made advances in the sensor systems that detect if a window is open or closed, by using of all things, a heavily modified washing machine tumble sensor. It detects movement ofthe window flawlessly, by the exact same means.

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An Air Quality Sensor Web Made From iPhones
Researchers at the University of California demonstrate how to turn thousands of private iPhones into a single real-time sensor web, with the help of a plug-in sensor, and an app that provides enough real immediate benefit to the iPhone users thatthey'll run it much of the time. In this case, air quality sensors, complementing (and exceeding) the capabilities of the traditional air quality weather stations.

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Chemical Sensor as Sensitive as a Dog's Nose
A technological scent sensor that works in almost the exact same manner as a bog's biological nose has been developed by researchers at the University of California. The sensor, the size of an adult male fingerprint, uses microfluidic nanotechnology to mimic the biological mechanism behind canine scent receptors. The device is both highly sensitive to trace amounts of certain vapour molecules, and able to tell a specific substance apart from similar molecules.

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HyGreen - Intelligent Hygiene Sensor web
A novel take on the sensor web has been unveiled by US firm Xhale incorporated, consists of a wireless network of soap dispensers, which contain sensors capable of detecting whether the hand waved under it, has recently been sanitized or not.

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Darkness and Fog Sensor for Car Safety
A new sensor, is able to differentiate true darkness from fog or smoke, for vehicle navigation. Even better, the developers have listened, and efforts to make it cheaply for all cars are well under way.

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A Sensor Web for Runways
Sweeping an empty patch of ground to ensure it remains empty, seems an odd job for a complex sensor web. Yet, if a passenger jet strikes debris during landing or take off, it spells disaster for all aboard.

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Pieces of the Sensor Web > AMPERE
AMPERE is one of the many dedicated networks necessary to protect and grow a fledgeling sensor web. Looking down from space, 66 satellites monitor the Earth's electromagnetic field - and watch for spikes.

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A Literal Sensor Web Comes into Its Own
It was only a matter of time before someone took the concept of a sensor web literally, and created a smart mesh web that could cover an object and detect when and where any breaches in the web occur. That wait is now over, and the first such smart fabric now exists.


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May 22nd - May 24th
Nurnberg, Germany

The SENSOR+TEST trade fair in Nürnberg is the world's leading forum for sensors, measuring and testing. From simple microsensors to complex test rigs, from ready-to-use components...

Scientists at Empa, a Swiss research institute, have developed a mechanical pressure sensor that can be embedded within orthopedic implants, close to bone fractures, to provide physicians with post-operative status updates.


Eastman Kodak Company has unveiled the world's first 50 million pixel CCD image sensor for professional photography.

The sensor captures digital images with resolution and detail previously unknown in machine vision. It can ...

15th January - 19th January 2012
Santa Clara, California, USA

WiSNet2012 covers all areas of wireless sensors and sensor networks. Wireless sensors for communication, radar, imaging, localization, tracking, and RFID ap...

A new type of sensor developed by scientists in the US could make it possible for humans to use a 'magnetic sense' to navigate on long journeys.

The sensor developed by researchers at Virginia Tech University, US, exploits ...