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The server is the base for the world. Its a powerful computer, or many computers either at the hub of the network, or somewhere on the internet. It maintains the world-state, and keeps track of all participants and their actions, in real-time.

Servers are often paired with clients on the participant's own computers to aid in processing information, and keeping lag down to a minimum. However, this is not always the case. Many thousands of virtual world servers exist with no client on the participant machine. These are called thin-client or telnet systems.

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How to create a Non Blocking Server
Looks at the winsock creation of a server which can support many hundreds, or thousands of players simultaneously. Includes full code.

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MUD Pies: Part 2
Part two of this series takes you through everything you need, to turn your initial code into a functional chat server ? the bare-bones basics for any world.

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MUD Pies: Part 1 - Let's make a MUD server
If you've ever contemplated making your own MUD, but never knew where to start, this article is for you. Designed around making a MUD (or MUSH, or MOO, or whatever you like) using the Windows operating system, it employs a clear, easy to follow approach, and copious source code.

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Player wins court battle to restore property
This article made the news in December 2003, when a long time player of a certain virtual world, successfully sued for financial compensation when his items were deleted by the server. It set a worrying precident for many.

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Using Thin Clients for Medical Data
A thin client is any computer system basically, that uses an application for whom all processing occurs on a central server, with just the results shipped back to the client for display. This paradigm is ideal for medical data, so why is it only now being considered?

Locally Hosted resource
Virtual Property Theft ? Physical Murder
Industry News

Industry news, from 01-04-2005. Hands up who saw this one coming? That?s right, you can all put your hands down now. Virtual property, existing only in a database server, has long been a hot topic in virtual reality, as to who actually owns it. Now, this case has reached a new level, with the murder of a man accused of stealing a virtual sword.

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Response to Podcast The Paradox of Choice
At the time of writing this, the article 'Podcast The Paradox of Choice' has been on the server for less than a day. It contains a TED podcast and a partial transcription of same. The podcast is essentially a twenty minute long, semi lucid, raving rant by philosopher Barry Schwartz, regarding his book, and the meaning of paradox of choice.


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Sony Online has taken firm control of besiieged MMO Matrix Online, and it is taking action to curb the downwards spiral of this little-loved world. Currently spread across nine world-servers, Sony is axing six of these machines from 2nd of ...

Sony entertainment, makers of PlanetSide, have issued the following statement, in response to the claim by another firm that 160 simultaneous players on a server was a world record:

Last week, it was reported that another co...

In MMOs like World of Warcraft, the violence is normally restricted to fantasy realms populated by orcs and wizards. But when a dispute broke out between rival gaming services recently, it brought down large chunks of China's internet.

Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner has unveiled statistics that indicated a PC's processor bumps up to 20 percent utilisation while browsing the Web, while its graphics processor doesn't even break above 1 percent.

Intel and Microsoft, last week, discussed their iSCSI performance results in achieving 1 million IOPS on a two-socket desktop tower. According to Rick Coulson of Intel Corp, the secret behind this is having SSDs tightly coupled to a host in...