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Shutter Glasses

Shutter Glasses are a type of immersive display that works in tune with a specially configured monitor or projector. The monitor refreshes its display at a pre-set exact rate, preferably higher than normal. The shutter glasses then close the shutters on each eye alternatively such that each eye catches every other refresh from the monitor or projector. The result is the illusion of 3D display. However the shutters effectively halve the display update causing eye strain and muscle fatigue over extended usage of twenty minutes or more.

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Taking a look at shutter glasses, one of the staple technologies for sterioscopic vision in VR and AR.

At CES 2009, Nvidea unveiled a system of active glasses. Specifically, shutter glasses. The frames alternate polarisation to block light out every second frame, so that each eye gets half the screen update rate of any normal monitor, but will work with a normal output stream just fine.

At CHI 2009 (computer Human Interaction conference,) many new modalities of interface were demonstrated. One of the more practical was the product of a team from ETH Zurich's Wearable Computing lab. Vaguely resembling the bastard child of a set of safety glasses and a HMD, the EOG goggles are an eye movement tracking system, that requires no external hardware to operate.


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Toshiba Mobile Display has developed an OCB (Optically Compensated Bend) liquid crystal display panel for 3D glasses suitable for watching 3D television, enjoying 3D movies, or playing 3D games.

In recent years, increasing de...

Philips' WOWvx displays - which allow viewers to perceive high-quality 3-D images without shutter glasses - are now beginning to appear in shopping centres, cinemas, and theme parks worldwide.

that includes sheets of tiny l...

The Japanese eyewear company behind Sarah Palin's designer glasses has come up with a high-tech solution for obsessive video-gamers and bookworms whose eyes dry out from lack of blinking.

Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Co. L...

?2010 is poised to be a pivotal year for 3D entertainment," said Joe Roberts, Executive Vice President, Products for Corel. ?Hollywood is ramping up production of 3D content, while hardware manufacturers are working to bring new 3D display...

Most people?s experience with 3D involves wearing tinted glasses in a cinema. But a new technology, which does not require glasses and may enable 3DTV, is being developed by European researchers.

While the first applications ...