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Social Virtual Environment

A Social Virtual Environment is one in which the participants are able to interact via the virtual environment across communication channels such as chat, and possibly body language. Such allows collaboration and the sharing of ideas without physical presence.

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Social Virtual Environment


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Controlling Mood in a Social World
Social worlds have always been deeply rooted in the moods of their visitors. As in any social situation, whether in the physical, or virtual worlds, social interaction will change your mood. All this mayhem is beyond your control, or is it? Might there be ways to use the VR of the social world to your advantage? If not control the mood of your visitors, at least modify it a bit?

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An Avatar's Bill of Rights
Law.com has issued a suggested 'bill of rights' to be adhered to by any social virtual virtual environment terms of service, in order to give users the same rights they might expect from a more traditional government.

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How it Really Happened
A short article by Dr Richard Bartle, co-creator of MUD1, the multi-participant virtual environment that started the entire MUD and MMO, and really, social VR industries, way back in the late nineteen seventies.

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Using the Allport Scale on Virtual Societies
If you are developing any scenario or social order in a virtual environment where prejudice is manifested in any way, shape or form, whether as part of a storyline for entertainment, edutainment, or straight education of effects, then the Allport scale is a very useful tool to use to model your society by.

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Podcast: Second Life Ecology Project Tour
This video is basically a tour of some of the many ecological projects taking place within the virtual environment platform known as Second Life. Along the way, it serves as an excellent overview of Second Life, and indeed social virtual worlds in general, for those who have never experienced one. It is also good for those who adamantly refuse to ever try such.

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Despite Popular Belief, Gamers Are Social
A round look at the necessity of being social it takes to be actively engaged in MMOs or social VR, and a clear repudiation from several highly reputable sources of the anti-social image of gaming.

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Social Engineering
Social interactions between players are very important for most MMO worlds? after all, the multi-user aspect is one of our big attractions. Maintaining a good level of social interaction is especially important after the world has shipped. Live development is all about keeping your subscribers playing, and a strong social network is amazingly effective in accomplishing that.

Emotiv Systems? EPOC, is a brain-machine interface intended for the commercial gaming market. The intent is to allow gamers and by extension those in social virtual worlds, to control their actions within the game/environment with their thoughts, expressions and emotions.

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Social Gaming Interactions, Part One: A History of Form
Just what are the possibilities for interaction within a social atmosphere? Are there tasks for social players, for recluces, for those who just wanna have fun, for serious studs? Sure there are. all you've dreamed of and more, someday...

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PC Specs for Virtual Worlds: General
In order to appreciate the true majesty of any virtual environment, you require the most apt hardware for displaying sensory data that you can afford. For the most part, this article is directed towards home uses of VR. The home user with a seven-year-old office computer, who can barely access a modern virtual environment, lagged to death and not understanding why.


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A project funded by the US Library of Congress, aimed at the preservation of early interactive, electronic media: video games, online novels, and virtual worlds has kicked off at Stanford University.

Second Life has been chos...

19-21 July 2009
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego, USA

Session invitation on the topic of: Usability and Sociability in Computer Games and Virtual Worlds

Social oriented games such a...

September 14th - 16th, 2009
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) are interactive characters that exhibit human-like qualities and communicate with humans or with each other using natural human moda...

Among Sony's Tokyo Game Show announcements this week was the revelation that it would be bringing an avatar-based social environment, PlayStation Room, to its PSP handheld.

Just as with the PS3's Home, a social space for 3D...

Myrl is setting out to add a bit of 'joined up thinking' to virtual worlds, building a 'social gateway' that links competing worlds with the web, and with social networks.

Founder and chief executive Francesco D'Orazio, ...