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Spawn Point

A spawn point is a specific location within a world, wherein new creatures are spawned. Should a player discover a spawn point, they will most likely sit on it, killing off creatures as they spawn.

Thus, spawn points are flawed, but many gameworlds still use them, because they are easy to implement.

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Spawn Point


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Explorers have more fun
A short, half-ranty article that is true to the point. Looking at what brings griefers to any virtual environment, from the griefer?s point of view, and suggesting ways to minimize their impact through the intelligent design of a world.

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Tracking Your Fingers with the Wiimote
By using an LED array made out of cheap to buy LEDs placed in a grid with a hole in the middle for the Wii-mote to point through, some software, and some foil stickers on the fingers, a home-use, very basic multi-point interaction system is born.

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Putting the "Game" in your RPG
An amusing yet to the point article on roleplay in VR. As the author puts it: ?Too much role-play, and you've got theatre, with everything consent-based and largely pre-arranged. Too much game, and you've got Quake, and the world is a flavourless collection of point-hounding players, who don't care if they're wearing "a Hawaiian shirt" on their body if it's got +damroll.?

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When 3D Becomes a Busman's Holiday
A succinct quote on the nature of VR, to the point of saying that when it is used in business and education, will we truly desire full VR in personal interaction?

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Book Quotes: Puppets and Citizens
A look into the world of Otherland; where bots and human users are so hard to tell apart, they have had to have legislature passed to mandate telling them apart. Will we ever reach this point? Probably.

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Anonymity at its best
An interesting tongue in cheek, short article that set?s out the point of view of detractors against net anonymity in an elegant way.

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VR Environments in the Workplace: The Cubicle worker
A dreamscapes narrative, about the near future of business for cubicle workers, using a story to bring across the human point of view rather than that of the technology.

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Trust and Judgement in VR: Still based on looks
It seems that we are approaching a critical juncture in the uncanny valley as related to avatars. We may well be encroaching on the point where physical world lessons on how to look become mandatory for avatars as well.

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Criminal Profilers are to Psychopaths as Role-Players are to . . . ?
There are certain times when you pause, catch a breath, and look over what you're written . . . only to realize that you've just proven: you are a psychopath. It is at times like these, when one also realizes that it is possible to prove one's point too well.

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Is AI Near a Takeoff Point?
Computers built by nanofactories may be millions of times more powerful than anything we have today, capable of creating world-changing AI in the coming decades. But to avoid a dystopia, the nature and intelligence of government will have to change.


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