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Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence or SI is a sub-field of AI, that deals with a large number of often relatively stupid elements that together behave as a cohesive intelligence. This is used in robotics to control several robotic waldoes from a central point or allow several separate robots to work as one. It is used in virtual environments to predict crowd movements or control animal flocks.

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Crowdsourcing Swarm Control
Rice University's Multi-Robot Systems Laboratory has created an online game designed solely to help further research into swarm control of simple robotic systems. Namely the quest to find truly effective control strategies for their own bespoke r-one swarm robotic system.

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Droplet Robots: A Physical Particle Swarm
In virtual spaces, a particle swarm is a large number of independent, intelligently-behaving particles, each of which possesses certain properties, such as if one moves, the ones near it are pulled in a certain way, or twisted or turned around, etcetera. However they've always been limited solely to virtual spaces with no physical equivalent. That is the case no-longer.

New approaches to artificial intelligence spring from the idea that intelligence emerges as much from cells, bodies, and societies as it does from evolution, development, and learning. Traditionally, artificial intelligence has been concerned with reproducing the abilities of human brains; newer approaches take inspiration from a wider range of biological structures that that are capable of autonomous self-organisation.

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Mapping Intelligence to the Brain
Intelligence. We understand the concept, and the meaning of this word, but where in the brain, precisely, is intelligence actually located? Until recently, we did not really, have a clue. Now, using perhaps the most common sense approach possible, from neuroscientists at the California Institute of Technology have mapped the cognitive zones of the human brain.

Artificial General Intelligence or AGI is the holy grail of AI research. Instead of expert systems, and image recognition, it refers to common-sense know-how ? general intelligence most humans have when in unfamiliar situations. In other words, the ability of an AI to think and reason as a sentient being, even when confronted by unfamiliar data.

On Intelligence is something of a detractor?s book of AI. In it, author Jeff Hawkins juxtaposes computers and brains to examine what he perceives as the possible futures for artificial intelligences, and makes the claim that all AI experts have got it very, very wrong.

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Why use Artificial Intelligence?
An older article, pertaining to the use of bots as NPC characters, with their own artificial intelligence programming.

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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
A short article, introducing the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Concise, but thorough.

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Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence
A look on Artificial Intelligence routines for NPCs from a non-technical source. Lookin at the goals you desire, and the types of behaviour worth considering, without going into the detail of how. A novel viewpoint that does make you think.

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Large Image Display: AI: Artificial Intelligence: Does Not Eat
This scene from AI: Artificial intelligence shows an oft-ignored aspect of the uncanny valley; it shows the flip-side of it, and the effects on the robot, being just shy of able to interact normally with humans.


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Australian scientists are using the collective intelligence found in insect swarms to develop the next generation of hi-tech military hardware.

Alex Ryan, a mathematician with the government's Defence Science and Technology ...

In a pair of small laboratories in Prague, a swarm of tens of millions of robots is being prepared, to be set loose en masse.

It is only fitting that here, in the town where the word robot was coined by author Karel Capek, th...

The US military has launched 103 miniature swarming drones from a fighter jet during a test in California.

Three F/A-18 Super Hornets were used to release the Perdix drones last October.

The drones, which have ...

Head injuries sustained by Vietnam veterans have revealed parts of the brain vital for two types of emotional intelligence.

The dorsolateral ventromedial prefrontal cortex of the brain is related to "experiential" emotional...

A flock of indoor uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) is being used to fasttrack development of swarms of drone planes.

We're focusing on persistent surveillance," says project leader Jonathan How at MIT in the US. "This wou...