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Technological Bedouins

Technological nomads, technological Bedouins, or New Bedouins are all phrases for the same thing: Those who, thanks to the development of the sensor web, and VR systems such as both are, are able to run businesses, and sustained income, entirely from mobile locations. Cyber cafes, Internet enabled cars, park benches, shops and pubs. No offices, no difference in productivity being ?at home? or on the move. Truly a technological nomad.

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Count Zero was William Gibson?s second novel. Slotting in straight after Neuromancer, it takes place in the same universe, a few years down the track. The work is a literal wealth of technological ideas, beautiful metaphors and breathtaking script.

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Taking Stroke Rehabilitation Into The Technological Age
This virtual reality system focuses specifically on helping stroke patients regain more use of arm and hand movement, hopefully making everyday tasks such as eating, drinking and driving possible.

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The Tech Lab: Philip Rosedale
The BBC talk to Philip Rosedale, CEO of Linden Lab, on the technological innovations he has personal interest in.

This book, written by a neuroscientist, proposes that use of technology such as social networking, where computer mediation rather than face to face communication is the order of the day, actively changes how our brains process information over time.

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The Fragility of Internet-Enabled Communication
In the wake of the recent London riots in the UK, uncomfortable truths have come to light regarding the security and privacy of messages spoken or otherwise transmitted over technological networks. Specifically that communicating via technology is never going to be as potentially private as a whispered conversation in a secluded locale.

This book was originally produced in 1962, heralding Arthur?s predictions of the future of mankind, from a technological standpoint, across all sectors of industry and life. The updated version has a chapter dedicated to VR, robotics, and the post human world.

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Are developers just thick, or something?
An interesting spin of an article, this starts out looking at virtual worlds from the average participant?s perspective, pointing out all the desires and frustrations of the userbase with the speed of apparent technological development of the multiverse. Then spins that on its head and neatly answers those questions with the hard truths those of us who work with them are well aware of.

Ray Kurzweil is a formidable force in VR and AI. Hell, he is a formidable force anywhere he has turned his attention. He has a knack for predicting the future, and so far so far not a single one of his predictions has ever been wrong. This book is his theory on Accelerating Intelligence made flesh and a warning for the monumental acceleration of technological change in the years to come.

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The Thirteenth Floor: Technological Promise - On-Demand Mind Uploading
This article attempts to delve into greater depth on one of the more fascinating and likely to happen aspects of the film "The Thirteenth Floor" - the ability to upload your mind into a virtual environment indefinitely.

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A Modular Framework for Artificial Intelligence Based on Stimulus Response Directives
Neural networks are one of the best techniques available, for modelling a mind. However, they are also processing-intensive, and somewhat uncontrollable at their current technological level. This article concentrates on using directive sets, rather than neural nets, to create realistic, task driven behaviour.


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In a speech reminiscent of Kurzweil's law of accelerating intelligence, at a speech to the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Gates speculated that some of the most important advances will come in the ways people interact with computers...

An innovative computational technique that draws on statistics, imaging and other disciplines has the capability to detect errors in sensitive technological systems ranging from satellites to weather instruments.

The patented...

Launched in the capitals of tech-savvy Sweden and Norway in December, fourth generation wireless technology is getting off to a slow start in Scandinavia, analysts say.

They think it is still a couple of years away from overc...

UK Internet service providers (ISPs) have rejected calls for them to police the net and cut off users who repeatedly file-share material unlawfully.

The umbrella group that represents ISPs said disconnecting users would be a ...