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Tele-Existence taken literally means 'remote existence'. It refers to virtual reality experienced remotely, as is you are accessing a reality which exists elsewhere, rather than having part of it locally - such as stored on your computer system.

The ultimate forms of VR may well be Tele-existential, with the only thing you possess locally being the interface which adapts the physical to the virtual's requirements for sensory interaction.

See Also: Embodiment

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Telemedicine Tele-abused
There is a firm, which specialises in phone and telehealth services to help relieve the stress of hospitalisation. They provide a telephone/television unit next to the beds of more than 160 NHS trust hospitals in the United Kingdom. They may well be abusing their priviledged position.

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Last Man on Earth
A humerous story, set forth in the future, comparing the points of view of existence of a person outside of VR and wandering the physical world to those of a lifelong denizen of VR, freshly (and accidentally) awoken.

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A 'hands-on' approach to computers
A physorg article, looking at one man's quest to bring augmented reality interfaces for computation into existence - blending the computer interface with the physical world.

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Western Australia launches e-medicine centre
Industry News

In August 2005, the Western Australian service launched the first tele-medicine service in the world.

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Talkin? ?bout My? Generation
MMO worlds did not spring into existence fully fledged in the late 1990s. This article looks at the often-overlooked fact that virtual worlds are three to four generations old now, and we're still making the same mistakes.

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IPhone, Android Telehealth for Health Professionals (Part 2)
At the beginning of February, we covered the increasing flurry of uptake of tele-healthcare applications for the iphone. Since then, the trend has continued, with several new applications emerging, aimed squarely at health professionals,

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Encoding smells in the Brain: A must for recreation?
Industry News

In early January 2008, a Rice University study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that socioemotional meanings, including sexual ones, are conveyed in human sweat. This raises the question for immersive spaces, if such dynamic scents need to be synthetically reproduced to provide a firmer social environment in tele-mediation.

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A Theory of Objects
Theory of objects states that 'the best all-around explanation for the occurrence of sensations is the existence of a world of external things'. Thereby, as simulators become more sensory, they become an actual reality.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Minimal Information
It is well known that ActiveWorlds as a company, have never really gotten a firm grasp on good marketing strategies in the decade plus they have been in existence. Still, as this room is set-up along with a dozen others as the first things newcomers to the platform get to explore, there is an immediate and glaring problem, showcased by the avatar in this picture.


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Recent research at the DUBBLE beamline has proved the existence of liquid crystals with two main axes. Liquid crystals with a single main axis are already used in LCDs (liquid crystal displays), but crystals with two main axes can make comp...