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Texture Clamping

Texture clamping is a mechanism used to constrain texturemaps which are skinning a polygonal model, to the polygons they are supposed to be applied to, only. When a texture skins an object, it is applied to each polygon in turn, with the excess flowing over to neighbouring polygons, stretched or shrunk as necessary. If the texture is not to cover the entire object, it is clamped at the edges of the last polygons.

This clamping effectively strips all texture values that exceed the clamp limiting co-ordinates from showing, and enforce that a given point in the texture map stays glued to a given polygon edge, always.

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Texture Clamping


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Haptics: Texture
Haptics is the study of the sense of touch. There are many parts to touch, and five different types of touch nerve in the nervous system. Here, we look at what goes into detecting texture, how the nerves work, and some initial attempts to interface with them for VR.

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Messing with Tangent Space
Tangent space is sometimes called texture space. It is the co-ordinate systems for one face of any 3D skinned model. Use of tangent space, which this tutorial covers, is necessary to properly map a texture onto part of a 3D shape.

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VR Interfaces: Novint Falcon
Novint Falcon is a commercial grade haptics unit. Essentially, it is a 3D joystick that responds with the full range of force: Weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects.


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