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Three-Boxing is a type of Multiboxing logging into a VR system as multiple separate avatars, characters, or accounts. Specifically, Three-Boxing means the user is simultaneously controlling three avatars. They have encapsulated themselves inside three separate boxes as it were, with each box being one of the avatars.

Three-Boxing is approaching the upper limit for multiboxing for most individuals. Controlling three separate bodies, even on gameworlds with minimal embodiment, taxes the limits of the human nervous system. The user has to account for all the movements of each avatar, actions, and interactions with other users all in real-time, and all at the same time. Very, very few individuals can Four-Box, but even for those who can, the quality of the interactions swiftly degrade as more avatar bodies are added.

For avatar systems that incorporate greater embodiment, three-boxing is already beyond the scope of the human nervous system to accomplish.

See Also: Multiboxing, Two-Boxing, Dual-Boxing, Embodiment, Four-Boxing

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