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Tomography is a method of scanning a physical three dimensional object, and creating a digital, 3D replica by dividing the object into sections, scanning each separately, and then recombining them afterwards to create a final model.

Tomography is frequently used in health care. Almost every method of invasive scanning, including MRI, PET, CT, and others, uses a tomography approach, slicing the body up into thousands of layers, each of which is scanned separately, and later stacked together to create the 3D result.

3D surface scanners also use tomography, scanning an object from one angle, then rotating it slightly and taking another scan, rotating again, et cetera. Each of the tomographic scans is only a piece of the model. It is only when they are all put together that the actual shape emerges.

See Also: Tomograph, Tomogram, Tomographic Reconstruction, Polytomography, MRI, SPECT, PET, Computed Tomography, Optical Tomography, Computer Aided Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Tomography, Optical Coherence Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography

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Fast Adaptive Optics for 3D Medical Imaging
One of the greatest problems with tomography based medical scanners, is what happens when the patient moves (breathes, or pumps blood). The distortion that occurs in each slice has long been correctable, but takes a long time to correct. With near-instant correction now possible, real-time medical scanning is starting to look like a true possibility.


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A Stradivarius violin has been "recreated" using an X-ray scanner normally used to detect cancers and injuries, according to researchers. The US-based group used a computerised axial tomography (CAT) scanner on the 307-year-old instrument...

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