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UV Axis

The U and V axis are arbitrary axis lines that are assigned to each face of a 3D model independently. They serve the same function as the X and Y axis for that face, when it comes to texturemaps, lighting or anything else performed only upon that face.

If a third axis is required for depth, the Z axis? role is taken up by the W axis, giving U, V, and W. The names U,V and W are used rather than X, Y and Z, to differentiate between referring to the whole model, or just to individual faces.

See Also: UVW Axis, UV mapping

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This book is basically a combined encyclopaedia of design from four HCI experts, on how to design three dimensional user interfaces, where the depth axis is suddenly critically important. They build on existing 2D paradigms, but recognise that some ? like WIMP ? are almost totally destabilised by the third axis.

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"I liked that other place. There was a God there."
This is a whimsical tale of a journey into an as yet uncreated virtual sim world, an Earth in its entirety, which has been created to test the hypothesis of an Earth ?spinning with its axis of rotation in the plane of its ecliptic around the sun, its south pole always pointing at the sun.? The article goes into great depth and hilarity, but ends with a poignant note on the nature of VR worlds, which you would do well to remember.

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The JohnnyCab: Total Recall's Look at AI Vehicles
The Johnny Cab from Total Recall was completely self-sufficient, AI controlled taxi cab. It possessed a motorised mannequin upper torso on a swivel axis inside, so humans had something familiar to interface with. Otherwise it was the very poster child for everything modern AI ground vehicles are trying to achieve.


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