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Virtual Prototype

A virtual prototype is a prototype design of a physical object, which is not just surface mapped, but exists in its entirety, complete with all moving parts, and behaves exactly as the physical counterpart should.

They are usually used to illustrate the characteristics of the product before actual construction begins. Often, several virtual prototypes are constructed in order to work out design considerations cheaply.

Occasionally, virtual prototypes are also used to enable potential investors, customers or reviewers to view the product and experiment with it without having to travel to a construction facility which may be halfway across the world.

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Wireless Drug Delivery Prototype Completes Clinical Trials
A new prototype wireless drug delivery implant, including a new prototype medical implant control protocol, has completed a first round of human trials in Denmark, showing great promise for drug delivery via telehealth.

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Flexible, Implantable Biosensor for Healthcare
A prototype health sensor has been created that can be implanted inside the human body, bend to wrap around organs, and monitor in real-time any changes, illuminated by it's own light. The only problem is, it's still in the prototype stage.

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Prototype Ionic Artificial Muscle Doubles as a Speaker
A prototype ionic muscle has been created by researchers at Harvard University. Not very strong, yet exceptionally pliant, its main claim to fame is that it can flex thousands of times per second, and being completely non-electronic, is capable at least in theory, of conversing with the neurons of the body in their native ionic tongue.

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Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Delivers First DARPA Limb Prototype
An international team led by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in the US, has developed a prototype of the first fully integrated prosthetic arm that can be controlled naturally, including the provision of sensory feedback and allows for eight degrees of freedom. This is an order of magnitude beyond previous efforts, including the haptic arm of Claudia Mitchell.

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Museo Archeologico Virtuale (Virtual Museum of Archaeology)
Museo Archeologico Virtuale (MAV) is a first in museums. This Italian project aims to preserve history, improve upon visitor participation and deal with shrinking budgets all in one fell stroke. MAV is a prototype for a new kind of museum. No exhibits, just VR & AR.

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Large Image Display: Connecting Teeth to Artificial Bone
A much more in-depth look at the concept of designing multiple implants inside the body, so you can guarantee they will always connect perfectly, as demonstrated by the prototype LayerWise jaw and its successive implants.

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Intelligent, Dynamic Toll
A prototype Israeli system designed to intelligently adjust toll rates and lane use according to actual, minute by minute, changing road conditions.

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Quadruped Robots > LittleDog
Created by Boston Dynamics at request from DARPA, shortly after the BigDog pack mule prototype was created. LittleDog is a timid-looking four-legged robot about the size of a Chihuahua.

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Room Lighting as Network Access
A new method of creating wireless networks without interfering with sensitive equipment, including medical equipment, is to make use of the rapid on/off capabilities of LEDs in normal modern LED lightbulbs. 800mb/s is the current limit, and that is only in the prototype.

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Medical Implant Powered by Music
It is certainly an odd idea, but a rather effective one: Power a medical implant, with the beats of whatever song you happen to be listening to at the time. That in a nutshell is what Purdue university researchers have done with their latest prototype sensing device.


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Designer Tobias F?rtsch has created a virtual prototype for a noninvasive (and nonexistent) glucose monitor that seems to be inspired by iPod MP3 players. The only problem, of course, is that the search goes on for technology that can prope...

Without live-fire training as an option, Marines at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in California came up with an innovative solution (with a little help from that blowtorch). They mounted a simulated M2 .50-caliber machine gun and Mk-19 g...

Toshiba, maker of electronic equipment, has unveiled a prototype full-faced headgear for immersive virtual reality display.

Looking a little like the illegitimate child of a mating between an astronaut helmet and a flogistro...

University at Buffalo's Virtual Reality lab have developed a virtual clay sculpting system to enable users to sculpt a block of clay, or anything else malliable. The resulting product is stored in VR, and can be produced using CAM manufact...

Ford engineers are outdoing the need for prototypes by employing VR. Engineers at Ford have adapted the technology that Hollywood used in movies, such as The Polar Express and Beowulf, to shave about six months off the development of the Fo...