By means of a glove and harness, Waldo could control a powerful mechanical hand which replicated exactly, the movements of his own hand and fingers."> VWN Virtual Dictionary: Waldo
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Waldo is a slang term for teleoperated devices. It refers to any device or implement, which when controlled remotely, responds in the exact same manner.

The term itself, derives from the short story "Waldo" written in 1942 by Robert Heinlein. In the story, Waldo Farthingwaite-Jones was born a weakling, unable even to lift his head up to drink. This channeled his intellect, and his family's money, into the development of the device patented as "Waldo F. Jones' Synchronous Reduplicating Pantograph".

By means of a glove and harness, Waldo could control a powerful mechanical hand which replicated exactly, the movements of his own hand and fingers.

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Book Quotes: Form Without Presence
A look at a simple yet profound quote of Arthur C Clarke's on connecting a remote waldo to your body such that you would not know the difference, and our thoughts on just how that would be accomplished practically.

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Book Quotes: Talking Heads
The concept of a talking head is one recognised in current VR development. It appears as either a waldo that can be controlled remotely, or an AI controlled personality.

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Waldo Avatars
In order for a virtual environment to truly be an environment for us, the avatars we utilise have to be so much more than they are now. They have to become extensions of our will as well as of our selves, bodily appendages or recreations that enable fine movement, and the manifestation of physical movement or the will to move physically, recreated in the every detail, in the collaborative, virtual space.


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A group of researchers from the University of Granada has developed Inmamusys, a software program that can create music in response to emotions that arise in the listener. By using Artificial Intelligence techniques, the program means that ...

A 60-year old resident of Sicklerville, New Jersey, USA, has become the first recipient of a successful distal pancreatectomy surgical procedure which was completed not through purely human means, but using the robotic waldo assistance of a...

minimally invasive surgery, in which operations are performed via probes sent in via tiny incisions. More often than not, these probes are controlled by a robotic waldo, whilst the surgeon stands or sits several feet away, interfacing via c...

Thursday, 10th of January, 2008. The brain of a 12-pound, 32-inch monkey, controlled a 200lb robot on another continent.

In the first successful experiment at long-distance transmission of brain signals, Idoya, a small monkey...