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This text offers an overview of the N-generation, the generation of children who in the year 2000 will be between the ages of two and 22. This group is a "tsunami" that could force changes in communications, retailing, branding, advertising, and education. The author contends that the N-generation are becoming so technologically proficient that they will "lap" their parents and leave them behind.

In Growing Up Digital, Don Tapscott revealed how the digital world created a generation that thought, played, and related to their world in a way radically different from that of their parents. In a fascinating follow-up to his seminal work, Grown Up Digital revisits the Net Generation as the eldest of its members turns 30, enters the workforce and marketplace, and establishes their roles as life-long learners and contributors to society.

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Hyper-connected generation rises
A report from the BBC on the rise and rise, and rise of the [first] Internet generation, and at how social networking and virtual worlds are basically an integral part of life now, for many.

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Procedural Content Generation
Procedural Content Generation - using semi-random parsing algorithms to add oodles of cojntent dynamically. Supposed to makje it really easy to create large interesting worlds - that claim is utter nonsense, but that does not mean PCG be useless, it's actually fairly handy...

An eminently accessible book, this slimline, 200 page tome uses casual friendly language to describe the view rather contrary to mainstream imagery, that videogames are producing a generation of businesspeople unlike any who have come before. The mindset of the gamer is producing successful business people with a paradigm shift in view to the older generations.

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Self-Charging Power Cell converts Mechanical Energy into Stored Chemical Energy
A different paradigm in power generation for implants and prosthetics, combines electrical generation and storage in a single thin three-layer flexible ribbon. Piezoelectric in nature, it builds long-term storage into the electrical ggeneration process. No other battery or powersource required.

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Podcast: Procedural Content Generation & Spore
A 90 minute long podcast between two of the greats of the procedural content paradigm: Will Wright and Brian Eno. The discussion crosses every aspect of content generation, with generative system basics, SimCity, emergent behaviours in music, DNA strands creating life, and the Sims. The talk culminates in a half-hour run through of the game Spore.

The first generation of digital natives - children who were born into and raised in the digital world - are coming of age, and soon our world will be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our cultural life, even the shape of our family life will be forever transformed.

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Filling the Sandbox
A look at the business of Procedual Content Generation to create areas - it often results in blandness, and you still have a lot of work to do. Maybe it is time to leverage more people to make your content - the players.


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Robotics is a powerful force, one of the greats of modern, accelerating science. Continually growing, evolving, bettering its own development, puulling from all fields, and increasing pace. What is driving this? Military might? No. Entertai...

Ossur has announced that the first patient has been fitted with the second generation power knee prosthetic. These legs combine artificial intelligence and gait analysis to enable the leg to move for the patient.

Lieutenant C...

A project to build a fibre network in Manchester could offer insights into how the UK can make next-generation broadband pay for itself. The network will serve homes and businesses in the area known as the Manchester corridor.


The leaders of Japan and China may this week discuss jointly developing a next-generation mobile telephone network for the Chinese market, a government official said Tuesday.

Japan uses the so-called third-generation (3G) mob...

Hitachi Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and some other organizations plan to jointly develop a next-generation optical disc that can store 25 times more data than a Blu-ray Disc, with the aim of putting the technology into practical use in ...