Large Image Display:Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: In the Form of Man

This single still is from the widescreen version of ?The Second Renaissance?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts. It has been considerably scaled back from the original material. This scene shows the robots that serve man. This particular one has been dressed up, fairly badly, but it is still easy to see that it has been designed in man?s image ,and is entirely servile.

This fits with development of robots in actuality. Robots are continually developed towards man?s image where they need to interact with humans on a regular basis ? excepting some specialised service robots. There is a great need to see robots as people, and this likeness pursuit is a great part of that.

However, whilst robots advanced enough, are seen as people, they are unlikely to be seen by many, as equals. Some will embrace advanced AI as equals, some won?t. This scene strongly shows the less than equal side of the equation. The robot?s leg is even being gnawed on by a dog whilst it serves. The human-like sighing it exhibits shows a high degree of understanding of its predicament, which is again very likely to become accurate as strong AI develops. It will far outpace laws concerning it.

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