Large Image Display:Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Sentenced to Death

This single still is from the widescreen version of ?The Second Renaissance?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts. It has been considerably scaled back from the original material.

This execution scene was shown during the first episode as riots got out of control, and the government mercilessly hunted down every last robot with enough sentience and self awareness to be a potential problem. The scene is eerily familiar to that inflicted upon humans put to death solely for their differences.

As has long been recognised, man is an animal, and when pushed to extremes, behaves exactly like an animal. As this and many other scenes showed, a non-human target gets the same debasement, humiliation and far, far worse, in its demise.

All too likely the scenes are accurate. A scene a few minutes earlier to this, implying a female sexbot being horrifically abused, all the time screaming for them to stop, she?s real, being another example.

This lone image is however, considerably more poignant an example. The lone robot, artificial mind in humanoid form, down on its knees, hands wielded shut, for the simple crime of being too human for comfort.

In order to avoid such scenarios becoming both real, and widespread, this is the sort of message we have to keep in mind, as we strive to make robots, ever more human.

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