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Chrysalis is a very dark French film. It aired in 2007, and has two versions. One, in French, conveys the original intent of this cyberpunk-themed film noire movie. The other, in English, hams it up ridiculously.

We would always recommend procuring the French version of this film - with subtitles - to take in the original intent, and to avoid the urge to switch the TV off. The film itself is at times mediocre, at times brilliant. However, it is as a rich breeding ground to visual examples of potential uses of VR and related technologies that the film truly shines. In each case, it cannot help but pause and contemplate the social and legal effects of such.

This Still

This still is taken from the film at fifteen minutes in. It showcases part of a short scene in which the two Interpol investigators, decide to pump an informant in one of the seedier parts of town. The two investigators walk through bare room after bare room, all lit by fluorescent bulbs with stone floors and bereft of decorations.

In each room, sprawled out, are people hooked into electronic devices, with blissful expressions upon their faces. A few small pods such as this one are also present, offering slightly more sensory stimulation than the others.

Yes, sensory stimulation. These are direct sensory sex toys, very similar in basic concept to the Orgasmatron. A direct sensory feed hooked into the lower spinal cord is visible in several of the devices portrayed. The people hooked into them then receive neural codes pumped into their spine, according to the machine's programming.

These codes function like any other neural code, and act as surrogate data purportedly from the sensory organs, informing the mind of what the body is experiencing. So, in essence, the machines are sending waves of sexual pleasure into the minds of those hooked up to them, replicating the sensory experience of having their organic parts manipulated, constantly.

The only devices with any actual controls seem to be the pod-like full VR ones; the others simply have their users blissed out next to them, suggesting that what is actually occurring here is the sensory equivalent of pornography. The devices are playing back prerecorded sequences of pleasure instructions from a tape or optical disk. Or perhaps even a 'song selection' idea akin to the selections on a jukebox. Choose your selection and enjoy until it completes - if it ever does.

The simple fact that the police have to step over quite so many of these people, alludes to the very real issues that we will face as a society, when unlimited 'sex on tap' does become a reality. The Orgasmatron is not that advanced yet, however it does share something in common with these devices. Since no physical body parts are being used, there is no friction, no abrasion, no need to stop.

It is the ultimate drug, and in irresponsible hands with limitless access, a person could quite literally just keep on pressing the button until their body collapses from exhaustion and dehydration.


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