Large Image Display: Simone: Mocap Animation Differences

This single still is from the widescreen version of the 2002 VR film Simone. It has been considerably scaled back from the original material.

In Lessons from Simone: MoCap Filter , it was discussed how Simone whilst yes she was controlled by Victor?s body movements in a MoCap system, never quite copied those movements perfectly.

Whereas Viktor's movements are not always feminine, Simone moves with a permanent feminine grace.

Part of the issue is that Simone's body has a slightly different boning structure to Victor's, and that her joints co not move quite the same way as his. However, that is not the full story. Previous attempts to impart MoCap onto male and female avatars alike, have resulted in both avatars moving the exact same, identical way - a man moving like a woman, and a woman moving like a man, depending on who was animating the MoCap.

Yet, even this still, showing him and her, supposedly synced, notice how her arms are higher, her left hand bends inwards slightly further, and her right hand is at a slightly different angle. This exemplifies the mocap filter discussed in that article. There is a procedural animation modifier that adjusts his gestures ever so slightly to keep them within the propwer character for Simone.

They are still the same gestures, still the same basic movements, but position is subtly different and more graceful.

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