Large Image Display:Toy Story: 1995's Cutting Edge

This single still is from the wide-screen version of ?ToyStory?, the first feature-length passive CG movie, way back in 1995. It has been considerably scaled back from the original material.

At the time it came out, Toy Story was revolutionary. For the first time ever a full length feature film, created entirely in CG. It was a mammoth undertaking, and the graphics were breathtaking. This is the film that put Pixar on the map.

Sadly, when we look at this still, we see a virtual world that by today's passive CG (meaning utterly non participatory, pre-rendered CG) does not pass master. Still, when you compare that still to modern interactive VRs, you see something of a different story.

There are two parts to that story. On the one hand we have high-end simulations, and on the other, social simulations running on often high-end home hardware. One meets this standard, the other vastly excel from it. It is 2009, and this film was created in 1995. Well, it was released in 1995. It was created in 1991 - 1995.

Why then do the majority of current home usage VRs, look similar to 14- 18 year old passive technology?

This image is from Disney's Toon Town Online, a current generation children's massively multiplayer game world. The below image is from Wizard 101. Wizard actually exceeds the visual capabilities of the passive VR Toy Story, but it does not exceed it by much. Given that home computers are capable of lavishly detailed videogames, there seems to be something going very wrong in the VR field somewhere.

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