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Mass production of any item, lowers the production cost. Mass production of prosthetic limbs has never been possible in the past, due to the niche nature of replacement limbs ? just not a large enough market to justify traditional mass production facilities. Now, there are signs that that is changing, as it becomes possible to ?print? any structure in three dimensions, in almost any material, without customised facilities. The cost of mass production is disappearing from mass production.

Locally Hosted resource Are prosthetics Obsolete? Priced out of The Heal Game

Modern limb prosthetics are quite amazing. The sudden need for large quantities of replacement limbs, born out of recent, bizarre wars such as the US-Iraq mess, has kick-started the prosthetic industry. Only problem is, they are so expensive to manufacture, they shut most patients out.

Locally Hosted resource The Dawn of 3D Printed Prosthetics

It took just six months to go from "Are Prosthetics obsolete?" to the development of the first prosthetics, made by the process of 3D printing. Static facial prosthetics, are a long way from electronic knee joints and sophisticated replacement arms, but printing them is a significant stride never the less.