Podcast: Look! Up in the sky! It's Virtual Earth!
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Copyright 03/04/2009
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Part of a talk from TED 2007, in which there were still high hopes for Microsoft Virtual Earth, and presenter Stephen Lawler was pushing it with ghusto.

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Stephen Lawler

Stephen Lawler is the general manager overseeing Microsoft Virtual Earth. Lawler has more than a decade of experience as a developer of mapping and location software as well as mobile device technologies. He has overseen the launch of more than 50 products and services.

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Podcast viewing notes

A stream of jargon buzzwords are thrown out at the start of this presentation, just for impact. You probably should not be reading this stite, if you did not understand them all - and also understand that they had nothing whatsoever to do with the product being presented.

Virtual Earth is here presented as a solution to search. Whilst that is true, fron a certain point of view, it should also perhaps be worth remembering that Google Earth buried it.

From 2:06 onwards, the actual presentation meat begins, with the process of collecting data to place in a mirror world - and that is what Virtual Earth is - and all the stages one by one that things have to go through, for inclusion.

One thing sorely missing in this presentation was depth. At no point was the presenter really interested in going into any depth with any specific aspect of the world.

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