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AR Development > ARToolWorks (ARToolkit 4.4)

A version of ARToolkit has been released for use with the iPhone. Codenamed ARToolWorks, and based on ARToolkit version 4.4, it is slimmed down to operate on the reduced computing power of an iPhone when compared to a desktop PC.

Still, it manages a consistent 10 frames per second, which, whilst jerky, is still quite usable, and with that display rate, is capable of animating quite a few objects on screen - the update rate is tied more into detecting positional changes in the physical world it is analysing.

Like all ARToolkit derivatives, it works based on magic symbol technology, and requires one or more such symbols in view at all times, in order to function. Move the symbols out of the camera's view frustum and back in again, to find all AR elements have been erased. Shaking the iphone also has this effect.


ARToolKit v4.4 running on iPhone

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