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Will Never (Active Worlds)

The Will Never series each look at one virtual world administration, and things they say they will never do, or have discovered do not work, and will never do again. They make an interesting comparison between the major social VR experiences, and their relative levels of success.

  1. ...engage in artificial creation incentives of any type other than in-world rights. No financial payoffs.
  2. ...cease in picking out the 'best build of the month' in their newsletter
  3. ...leave a complaint by their volunteer services of of neighbour activities, or rudeness by others unattended by their agents. A good community is a controlled community.
  4. ...instate any form of in-world monetary system.
  5. ...employ methods to allow sub-world owners too much independence from the central server.
  6. ...underplay the importance of centralisation. Things run more smoothly when one company is in final central control.
  7. ...cease to strive for a cohesive world-view. The best virtual world is a child-friendly virtual world. Other systems provide custom, but should be discouraged from community participation as they are not friendly to children.
  8. ..put too much stock in the power of neighbours and social pressure in world on the actions of the userbase.
  9. ...cease to expand their volunteer worker programs. There is no need to pay additional employees if you can utilise volunteers with power to do your work for you.
  10. ...slacken their dominance on development for the platform. All companies using their products, must pay for the priviledge. If there are no loopholes, there is no possibility of piracy. Users should pay additional lisence fee for every feature they turn on in their sub-worlds.
  11. ...stop insisting on separate software clients for each and every server.
  12. ...put any stock what so ever in non-Windows operating systems as serious development platforms.
Activeworlds has had 360,000 registered users in the past eleven years.
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