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The Barometz, also known as the vegetable lamb is a strange creature. It appears to be a young sheep, and behaves in every way like a young sheep, and yet it grows from the earth, sprouting form a seed. The Barometz is a quick grower, rising to a height of about three feet rather rapidly, and producing a fruit that looks exactly the same as a real lamb. The Barometz never detaches from the stalk where it begins its life, but rather feeds upon all nearby vegetation until it has eaten everything within the limited range the stalk allows it. After this the Barometz simply withers away and dies.

The produce of the Barometz is what encourages those who farm the creatures to do so, since their flesh is delicious when cooked, and their fleece maintains all the practicalities of wool, such as warmth and ease of washing, but can be spun to be as fine and as smooth as silk. The other obvious advantage to keepers of this breed is the fact that they need no shepherd, as they can never stray from the stalk that gives them life.

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