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MUSH Code: What It Is and Where to Get It

MUSH code, often referred to as softcode, are commands on objects, rooms, exits or players written in a code interpreted by the mush server. The language is derived in part from LISP. MUSHcode typically refers to code which was written for TinyMUSH, PennMUSH or MUX. Each of these servers provides a nearly identical core of functions and commands. Some servers have additional functionality added which may not be transferable between heterogeneous servers.

If you are new to MUSHcode, you should start with Lydia Leong's MUSHmanual. This work covers a wide spectrum of the internal commands of MUSH including mush code, building, and other commands. The manual is available via ftp or available for browsing. This manual is a good place to start for any new MUSH user and for anyone writing code. Another good tool are the help files for the servers. As an added resource, I've made the help files from several servers available. You may wish to search through these if you are seeking a specific function or command reference.

Some games restrict both building and coding. You may want to check with the game administrators, often called wizards, to see what restrictions, if any, the game has implemented. If you do not know who an admin is, try looking in news wizards or news admin. If that fails, the game may provide a +wizards or +admin command. Many games also provide this information on the screen displayed when you connect to the game.

Finally, there are a number of archives around the net which provide publically available files. These files can be used as examples or uploaded onto the server. While I've never run across any object designed to intentionally leave a security hole, I suggest examining the code carefully before putting it in place especially when the code requires the inherited powers of a wizard.


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