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Horizon: Human 2.0 - Part 4

Horizon is the BBC's flagship science documentary. It consists of an extremely numerous collection of documentaries, still being produced at a rate of several per year, and each of which attempt to investigate the hard questions on a pressing topic in science or technology. They speak to experts in the field, and garner as much research and demonstration as possible, for an intellectual audience.

The documentary entitled Human 2.0 is a long look at the near-future for the human condition, taking views from futurists and technologists, examining current research aimed at expanding what it means to be human. The documentary was broadcast on 24 October 2006, so some aspectss are now behind the bleeding edge of research by quite a ways.

Because the BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation - is a government run institution, and because of the nature of the horizon documentary as a public service, the full 47 minute long documentary is freely, and legally available via YouTube. This is part 4. Running time, 8:59 minutes.

Part 4 continues on the increasing destruction by the neo-luddites, fighting to prevent the betterment of mankind via the upgrade paradigm.

It switches to examine the real foundations of the movvement's fears.

Professor Miguel Nicoleus makes another appearance. He discusses the robot arm experiment from another angle. The monkey stopped moving her own organic arm, at the same time as the artificial one. It could control the robotic arm by pure thought, no differently than any other limb - the brain no longer needed the body. This profound breakthrough is worrying for some, as DARPA usage for brain machine interfaces has a definite combat bent.DARPA uses of such technology is discussed in depth.

This leads back to neo-luddites, and a discussion on the fears and actions of the unabomber.

Next, the Blue Brain Project receives attention; the attempt being carried out in Switzerland, to replicate a brain, in silicon. Professor Henry Marcram discusses the creation of an artificial hippocampus, to work out exactly how the neuralcircuitry functions.

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