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Horizon: Human 2.0 - Part 6

Horizon is the BBC's flagship science documentary. It consists of an extremely numerous collection of documentaries, still being produced at a rate of several per year, and each of which attempt to investigate the hard questions on a pressing topic in science or technology. They speak to experts in the field, and garner as much research and demonstration as possible, for an intellectual audience.

The documentary entitled Human 2.0 is a long look at the near-future for the human condition, taking views from futurists and technologists, examining current research aimed at expanding what it means to be human. The documentary was broadcast on 24 October 2006, so some aspectss are now behind the bleeding edge of research by quite a ways.

Because the BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation - is a government run institution, and because of the nature of the horizon documentary as a public service, the full 47 minute long documentary is freely, and legally available via YouTube. This is part 5. Running time, 8:23 minutes.

The final part starts with Professor Seth Lloyd playing with natural law - erasing large sections of it.Lloyd's vision is the quantum compute, and how it will change the world.

From this things move on to the ways machines will supercede humans thanks to quantum computation.

Things return to the unibomber, and his trial, in which it comes out that he too was a subject of an experiment in brain control, run by the CIA. It is argued that the creation of the unibomber from a once-promising harvard undergraduate may have been a side effect, failed brain control experiments pushing him over the edge. It serves as a chilling warning against the modificcation of the human brain.

Finally, in closing statements, the documentary - to harry potter theme music - recaps on both sides of the argument to improve the human condition and society by technological augmentation means.

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