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The Infinite Office

Offices are key to commercial success. If you don't present a professional appearance, and, more importantly, don't have space for all your workers, you cannot function as an efficient organisation.

Corporate workspace, courtesy of AWEDU

However, with modern technology - and especially with VR technology - you have no need to splurge out so much. Buy a piece of cyberspace, and create whatever you need, on that cyberland.

No by-laws to adhere to, no planning permission to seek; your corporate headquarters spiders its way outwards as you grow. Also, most incredibly, building maintenance is almost nonexistant.

Yet it can look and feel as good as the physical one.

Corporate workspace, courtesy of AWEDU

As VR grows, and develops, you will find yourself on the forefront, as the benefits for this approach are staggering. Combined with teleworking abilities, your colleagues, and employees can be within the corporate office from anywhere on the planet. Even better, your corporate office can be anywhere on the planet.

Forget parking problems, forget commuter congestion, forget lost hours spent on travelling. Now, noone has an excuse not to be at work on time. We've only just scratched the surface too!

With virtual offices comes virtual paperwork. As everything is computer based, paperwork management becomes easier. It may LOOK like a piece of paper with writing on it, but its also a file, and files can be tracked by the powerful file finding techniques used by computers. The chances of losing that valuable work, when your IT dept are on the ball, is virtually zero.

Working in a nature reserve? Picture courtesy of AWEDUNeed to perk up those flagging workers? Office art isn't quite enough? Speak to the IT folks. Suddenly, outside the floor to ceiling offices of your employees, springs a VERY realistic nature reserve! In fact, why not go one step further, and have your corporate office BE a nature reserve? Trees overhead, a brook running nearby, little critters fluttering past.

Sounds fantastic I know, but this is what the virtual offers. Break ties with conventional working, maximize productivity, minimise expenditure.

Its your choice.

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