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Parallax Augmented Desktop

The PAD is another attempt to move beyond the flatland desktop paradigm. This one, thought up by researchers in Masatoshi Ishikawa's lab at the University of Tokyo, turns the desktop into a virtual 3D space directly.

It ustilises a webcam positioned on top of the monitor, which monitors the position of the user's head, tilting the viewpoint accordingly, to look at different walls, floor and ceiling of the virtual space. A better system might have been to mount a positional gyroscope on the user's head, much as HMDs have done for years, as the monitor-based camera does not always guess correctly.

Applications open in their normal 2D windows, but affix whereverthe user chooses - on the back wall, 'ceiling', 'floor' or either side wall. They continue to work normally from there. However, if the application window in question is a 3D virtual environment window, then the effects produced of looking through one 3D space into another which follows different geometry lines, can be very disconcerting indeed.

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Parallax Augmented Desktop

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