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Real-Time Feedback System for Skiers Opens Possibilities

The vLink Computer System approach to skiing is new and rather novel. It's a data collection sensor set (pictured above) that clips to the front of a pair of skis, and in real-time, monitor in real-time forward speed and lateral displacement data of the skis as the skier proceeds down a mountain.

The system is aimed at professional skiers who desire real-time information on their progress. A wireless unit allows real time performance management playback, but the devices can happily save this data for later use.

"Timely and accurate feedback of athlete performance is a key contributing factor to improving athletic performance. Alpine skiers get their feedback primarily through coaches' comments and video analysis, which usually comes a few hours after the performance. With this new system, skiers are able to make immediate corrections to their technique and have instant feedback of their adjustment", said the creator, Richard Kirby from Advanced Racing Computers, in the US.

However, it is their ability to record the displacement of the skis, and the angling process that is of interest not to racers, but as data collection for actual skiing processes. Knowing what happens with actual skiers, and having verifiable data to prove it, it becomes possible for the first time, if the skier allows the data to be released, for those in their homes and training centers using wither fitness or training fitness VR an important advantage.

It allows them to see where the pros are putting their feet and their weight on a course. A sensor system for improving the performance of those who seek to emulate their heroes, with a data collection system that a VR can use.



Development of a real-time performance measurement and feedback system for alpine skiers

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