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The Medical Working Group of the X3D consortium is developing an open interoperable standard for human anatomy representation. This standard works with multiple types of scans (CAT, MRI, PET, and others), and allows equipment manufacturers to be able to export data collected from the scanning machines into a shared data format.

This interoperable file format is PC-compatible, and allows multiple types of imaging data to be combined together.

Radiologists and physicians can give the patient CD-ROMS of their scans which they can view in the privacy of their homes.

The plan is that the exported data can be fused together using the 3D real-time rendering technology X3D, to create a coherent 3D data set that can then be used for detailed analysis, patient education, and even surgical training.

X3D is currently compatible with several advanced medical imaging systems, such as the Perspecta.

MedX3D is tightly focused on medical applications that can benefit from real time 3D visualisation. These types of applications include:

medical modelling and simulation for research and education;
3D image rendering for planning and guiding surgical and nuclear medicine procedures;
image fusion

(the association of specific 2D images from multimodal (PET, CAT, MRI, Ultrasound) scans with one another or with existing 3D images of a given patient.)

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