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Tech48: Virtual Fetish Provision

Japanese erotic development firm Teatime, have combined VR interfaces with their latest product in a decidedly novel way. The erotic experience Tech48 makes use of a webcam and machine vision to emulate a head-tracking system. The system recognises facial elements, and as the head moves, so their relative positions alter.

These head movements are used in several ways.

Firstly, as a movement method: . Move left and right and the polygonal maiden tracks her head left and right; move up and down and you crouch or stand.

On the other hand, if the head is tilted back, or forwards, the face appears to squash according to the camera, and a rather different move is performed. This, is the crux of it: it tilts the view frustrum of the avatar in this single-person experience, to look up the skirts of pre-rendered girls, and other such wholesome activity.

The idea seems to be that it gives the functionality of head tracking without the user having to wear any hardware, and leaving the hands free for other activities, whatever those might be.


Tech 48 from Teatime

Practical Face-tracking for Japanese Gal-Game

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