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TwittAround is a novel AR application, combining the technologies of visual augmented reality, Geolocation, Twitter, and the iPhone.

It is essentially a geolocation service for Twitter posts. Rather than mark them on a map which may or may not mean anything, the app, which is not yet commercially available, uses the iPhone's camera to play back the visual environment as the user sweeps the phone round. When it sees a twitter post in that direction on an internal map, it brings up the twitter's icon image superimposed over the camera view.

Height of the image denotes how far away it is: as you move closer and closer, the image pulls down towards ground level. Using the touchscreen interface of the iPhone, touching the image will open the twitter post where it can be read in its entirety.

There is no sound on this video

It is certainly a novel use of AR, and a little bit scary, as it could quite easily be used to track someone down, whilst they are micro-blogging about what they are doing just then. Still, that is the nature of a disruptive AR technology. If you make your location known when using twitter, keep these capabilities in mind.



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