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Vie MUD was a Multi-User Domain (MUD) based off the DIKU MUD codebase.

Server Family: DikuMud
Language: C
Current version: Vie 5
Status: Defunct.
Primary Website: Now defunct (

Vie spawned five versions, Vie 1-5. Each was publicly released, as a separate codebase to build a new MUD off of. However, with the death of Vie MUD and removal of its' sites, precious little remains, to indicate Vie even existed, save links to their MUD from third party servers, and the odd line or two here and there. If any MUDs spawned from their codebases now exist, they do not make such information public.

Vie was always very much an open-source text MUD development project, and fell into disuse as people moved to other, more popular MUD codebases.

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