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Virtual Voice: Ultimate RolePlaying Hook

Virtual Voice: Ultimate RolePlaying Hook

In roleplaying, nothing breaks immersion more than hearing the voice of the player when its not appropriate for the role. The voice of a 10 year old girl coming from the troll about to smack you into next week, or a butch, and manly seductress just breaks immersion entirely. Either online roleplay should be limited to just text whilst everything else goes voice, or a new approach is required.

Virtual voice systems fit this gap nicely. What is required is either a vocal modifier, or a replacement voice that can turn the ten year old's voice deep and scary, or the butch seductress's voice sultry.

With the proper virtual voice, true immersion enters the arena for the first time. The ability to say (or try to say) anything and have it modulated into any other voice possible, radically alters the arena. Anyone can be any creature they like, and voices can actually be modulated to sound like they are coming from that throat.

In this way, the long-searched for grail of different languages for different species may even be possible, and in-world accents can be added in. There would be no more talking to a person from Chicago, and realising you are talking to a person from Chicago, when you should be talking to Ghork, the Elder.

Indeed, it would be possible to add regional accents to different tribes, by the same process, giving strange inflections to speech, and immersing realism into the environment.

Unmodified, physical speech, added to an RPG too early, can destroy the feeling of immersion entirely; yet, by the same token, , virtual voice systems offer ways of deepening the immersion more than ever before - as characters truly sound as they are meant to.

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