Deer-Antler Legs

A Belgian German Shepard dog called Storm, became the first living being to be fitted with a prosthetic implant made of technology derived from deer antlers, which fit into the bone and stick through the skin with no risk of infection to the animal. It is obviously desirable to recreate that with prosthetics.

Dr Paul Unwin, managing director of Stanmore Implants Worldwide, a medical devices company that worked in collaborated with the scientists: "The mobility of tissue is a big factor; you don't want the tissue to rip away from the piece of metal, so you need a structure under the skin that will allow the dermal tissues to attach into the metal.

"What we had seen in the deer antlers was that it is very much to do with the structure and shape of the bone, and the porosity of the bone.

"The tissue attaches in with long fibres, and it is like anchors attaching directly into it."

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