Quiet Observation

Movement is simple, and consists of arrow keys only. No other method of input will work- there is no mouse movement option, which means most accessibility devices and full-immersion devices alike, will not function. There is no flying, no jumping. Literally the only movements are: forwards, backwards, turn left, turn right. If you meet a lip such as a curb, you will be unable to climb it, unless there is a designated short flight of stairs or ramp for you to climb. Free movement is permitted, but try as you might there is no way to walk across a lawn or a flowerbed. Those are purely for decoration and must not be violated.

It is possible to add friends to talk to within the world itself, and chat is global within a given channel. So for example, two people in the same tour group but on opposite sides of the world, can communicate together easily. That said, most community building occurs in the forums that run parallel to the VR itself. They are currently only lightly active, reinforcing once more that it is a place for quiet learning more than social interaction.

A scrapbook menu even has the option to run the world in solo user mode, eliminating all other users from your own personal shard.

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Images: China's Palace Museum,
Text: Virtual Worldlets Network, all rights reserved.