A Virtual Makeover

The virtual mirror kiosk, is essentially what it says; a virtual reality mirror, using your face as an avatar, upon which to display an almost infinite combination of make-up products.

The kiosks take a photo of the user?s face, slid up and down on runners to match differing heights. This digital photograph is instantly displayed on the monitor below the camera, as it currently is. So, if you plan on using one of these, light make-up is probably a good idea.

The names of products currently being displayed on the copy of your face, sit to the side, to help you identify what you are currently ?wearing? and aid the desire to purchase. It also lists products that match well with your current selections for a complete look, and has the option to print out the digitally enhanced photo with professionally applied make-up exactly as shown on the display.

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Images: EZface,
Text: Virtual Worldlets Network, all rights reserved.